He studied theatre directing and dramaturgy at the Drama and Puppetry Faculty at the Academy of  Performing  Arts (VŠMU) in Bratislava. In 1996 he and Kamil Žiška co-founded the Túlavé divadlo (Wandering Theatre) in Trnava – a professional theatre ensemble acting as a civic association without a permanent venue – where he works as an artistic director, director and author of dramatic texts. He focuses on street theatre and own cabaret productions, but as a writer and director he co-operates with other professional theatres. He writes cabaret productions (with Kamil Žiška he wrote several cabaret cycles Show vo fraku (Show in a Tailcoat), 1994–2000; Noc ako na dlani (Night as on Palm), 2001–2004) and lyrics. His dramatic work is tightly connected with his own theatre – he often adapts texts to the abilities of the ensemble, updates them and adds songs and poems into them. 

Photo: Ctibor Bachratý