She is a graduate from the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Technical University in Košice after which she studied her postgraduate course at the School of Public Affairs in the Academia Istropolitana in Bratislava. Later she obtained the Masaryk Scholarship and studied politology and culturology at Birbeck College in London. After this she worked for the municipality of the city of Košice, Ministry of Culture, and the Bratislava Theatre Institute. She lectured theatre management and cultural policy at the Academy of Performing Arts (VŠMU) where she worked also as a vice-dean for international relations. In the year 2002 – 2011 she was the Head of the Slovak Section of the AICT – International Association of Theatre Critics. Since 2004 she has worked for the Sme daily as an internal editor, she cooperates with magazines Kod or Nota Bene, in past she was an editor of theatre magazines Teatro and Divadlo v medzičase. She is one of the founders of the DOSKY awards, which she organizes.  She focuses on theatre criticism, cultural journalism and writing for radio. Many of her radio plays (Ak bude pekne, pôjdeme von (If it’s Fine, We Shall Go Out),1991; Rádio Labyrint (The Labyrinth Radio), 1992; Myš (The Mouse), 1997; Citová zmes (Emotional Mix), 1999; Para   (Vapour), 2004; Za vodou (Behind the Waters), 2006) were awarded prizes in Slovakia and abroad, and were aired by various radio stations in Germany, Finland, Norway, Hungary, Slovenia and Poland. In 1996 she attended a study stay for young playwrights at the Royal Court Theatre (International Summer School) in London, where she worked on her own theatre play Dvadsaťpäť divadelných cvičení (Twenty Five Theatre Exercises).

Photo: Ctibor Bachratý