He studied at the Faculty of Theology in Bratislava for six semesters (1984–1987). In 1991 - 2000 he acted at the Stoka Theatre as an actor and co-author of a number of productions, from 2000 he collaborated with the Association for Contemporary Opera, a Free Group (Okná brehy pozostalosti (Windows Shores of Inheritance), Smrť v kuchyni The (Death in the Kitchen)). In 2003–2004 he gave guest performances at the amateur theatre Disk in Trnava. In 2003 he took part in the J 10 Project – Stredná Európa ťa miluje (Central Europe Loves You) as a co-author. In 2005 he, Anna Grusková and Ingrid Hrubaničová established the Self-Supporting Art Team within which they produced the drama Nýmandi a nymfomani (The Nobodies and Nymphomaniacs) as a film production. From 2004 he works for the SkRAT Theatre as a co-author and actor.   

Photo: Ctibor Bachratý