He is a graduate of the Slovak Literature and Literary Theory Department and the Slavic Philologies Department of Comenius University in Bratislava. In 1999 he received his PhD by his thesis entitled The Rhetoric of History, which was published in 2002. He focuses on prosaic writing (Akozmia, 1992; Niekoľko náhlych konfigurácií (Some Sudden Configurations), 1997; Zverstvo (Atrocity), 2000; Divák (A Viewer), 2002; Antikvariát, 2004), literary research (Dušan Mitana, 2000; Ján Hrušovský a modernizmus, 2008) and translations from Polish. His seven radio plays were published in 1999 in a collection entitled Vražda marionet (A Murder of Marionettes). He works at the Slovak Literature Department of the Slovak Academy of Science.  

Photo: Ctibor Bachratý