Studied Aesthetics at Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra. He published books of short stories Silný pocit čistoty (The Strong Sense of Cleanliness) (1998), Lovci&zberači (Hunters&Gatherers) (2001), Pastiersky list (A Pastoral Letter) (2008 )and novels Posledný hit (The Final Hit) (2003), Plyš (Plush) (2005) and Eskorta (Escort) (2006). His books have been translated into German, Italian, Polish and Czech. In November 2009 he received the International Journalist Prize (Internationaler Journalistenpreis) in Berlin. At present he is working on his new novel entitled Dunaj v Amerike (The Danube in America) which is to be published in May 2010. 

Photo: Ctibor Bachratý