Horák graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at Pavol Jozef Šafárik University (FF UPJŠ) in Prešov. He started writing during his studies when he wrote poetry and prose which he published in school journals, anthologies and radio. He also focused on dramatic activities – as an author, dramaturg, director and actor he worked in a student theatre (FF UPJŠ Theatre of Poetry) which under his leadership developed into one of the leading alternative theatres (today it is known as the FF UPJŠ Student Theatre). After leaving the Theatre of Poetry he started creating more demanding dramatic productions characterised by a distinctive interpretative style, and he also influenced and formed the shapes of small stage forms in Slovakia. He dealt with student theatre also on a theoretic level and published the results of his work as a director, playwright and dramaturg in publications Slovo, gesto, pohyb, tvar (Word, Movement, Gesture, Shape) (1977) and Slovo, priestor, obraz, tvar (Word, Space, Picture, Shape) (1981). He wrote several works of prose (Dve prózy (Two Pieces of Prose), 1974; Cukor (Sugar),1976; Súpis dravcov (Inventory of Predators), 1979) radio dramas (Európa! Ó Európa…), 1995; Vyššie, tam je srdce (Higher, there is a Heart),1999; Arbitráž (Arbitration), 1998; Hrdza (Rust), 2004) and TV scripts (Národný hriešnik (A National Sinner), 1995; Nové pokúšanie Antonína (New Temptation of Anthony), 1998; …a dve frašky (…and two farces), 1999). Nevertheless, drama remains the dominant factor in his creative activities – some of his plays were published in two publications named Päť hier alebo Hrdina menom hra (Five Plays or the Hero Named a Play) (1990), Šesť hier (Six Plays) (1996) and Komorné Hry (Chamber Plays) (2004). Horák still belongs to those authors who practically every year prepare at least one dramatic script (many plays were developed in the first version as a part of a creative workshop of amateur and professional interprets).   A thorough overview of his theatrical activities and works is given by the monograph by Dagmar Inštitorisová Čítanie v mysli dramatika (Reading in the Mind of a Playwright) (2007) which is accompanied by a DVD with excerpts from artist´s works from 1976 – 2007. At present we can find Horák at the Institute of Aesthetics, Art Science and Culturology at the FF UPJŠ and Faculty of Philosophy UPJŠ in Košice where he teaches literary disciplines as well as theory of drama and theatre. He works as a university lecturer, literary theorist, active playwright, writer and organizer of the Academic Prešov nationwide festival of creative activities of university students.

Photo: Ctibor Bachratý