Having graduated from the Department of Slovak Language and Literature at the University of Prešov, Ms Micenková went on to the Film and Television School at the Academy of Performing Arts on Prague where she graduated in screenwriting and dramaturgy. In 2013, she founded an independent theatre ensemble NEKROteatro in Prague and remains with the company as director and playwright. Her stage play Nekrogames earned her the 2013, Slovak Literary Fund Award for the best stage text, and the 2012VEJK AP!3 award for young playwrights. Her eponymous short story Nekrogames, earned her a prize in the Poviedka 2012 competition. For her collection of short stories Sweet Life [Sladký život], she was nominated for the Anasoft litera 2018 award and the Bibliotéka Award. She is currently working on the first version of her feature film screenplay Klára in Her Bottle [Klára v jej fľaši] that is supported by the Czech Film Fund and the Literary Fund. At the same time, she is working on her second book, Blood is Merely Water [Krv je len voda] – an analysis of decomposition of a dysfunctional family and the causes of violence.

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Love is stronger than plastics

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